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We don't believe in advertising a low base price and then charging you for every add-on under the sun. When you book with us, everything's included. View the full list here.

Our Booths

  • Starting at $925
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Available year-round

Scarlett brings her own sleek, modern aesthetic to any event all year long—and we love her for it! Unlike traditional enclosed booths, Scarlett is an open-air booth which means she's great for small spaces, easy to access, and you can fit as many people as you want into one photo — FOMO won’t be an issue for any of your guests!


Indoor Open-Air Booth

sleek, small
& sassy

service so good, it deserves a Michelin star

Can Scarlett be set up outside?
Scarlett is designed for indoor use only due to the unpredictable nature of wind and sun.

What does open-air style mean?
Open photo booths are generally how they sound.. Open! Unlike the enclosed photo booths, the open booths come as a more elegant choice, with different varieties of backdrops and easier access to the booth. With an open air photo booth, you’re not limited by available space–you can jam-pack the entire squad into one photo, and no one has to feel left out (FOMO is real). 

How much space does Scarlett need?
For the best photos and experience, we need a 10’ by 10’ square. This gives us room for the equipment, backdrop and prop table. More room is even better, and if you have less and really want the booth, let us know. We may be able to work with you.

Is there someone operating the booth for us?
Yes! For the safety of the photo booth and your guests, we have an attendant present & operating our printer photo booths at every event.

Scarlett FAQs

  • Starting at $1325
  • 3 hour minimum
  • Available May to September

A truly magical and unique experience with plenty of nostalgic charm to make your event one of a kind. Take pictures inside as well as outside, and use Darla as a prop, backdrop or focal point. Book her as is in all her neutral, modern boho glory, complete with lounge chairs and decorative pillows, or you can customize her to your liking!


Outdoor Camper Booth

adventurous & nostalgic

Can I rent Darla just on her own?
YES! If you would like to rent Darla as a prop or backdrop for your photos you can send us an email with the details of what you are thinking of.

Where is the best place to set up our photo booth camper?
In addition to our photo booth, Darla provides a beautiful backdrop for photos at events and creates a great vibe. With this in mind, we recommend setting up near where the people will be. This could be the dance floor, reception area or near the bar. Don’t put us out of the way where people have to walk far to use the booth.

What happens if it rains? 
There is an option to bring a standalone photo booth option with a backdrop that we can set up inside in your venue. Don’t worry we won’t let it rain on your event!

How many people can fit inside the photo camper?
Comfortably 5-6 average sized adults can sit along the bench. We have magically had I think up to 12 people in one photo with a little maneuvering!

What kind of decor comes with Darla?
With every package we include our standard outside decor of 2 chairs, side table, edison lights and a trolley for the props. We also have a boho style mirror that we hang just outside the door. Inside the trailer we have a few wall decorations and a vintage looking fan. 

What setup requirements are needed to have Darla?
Darla is 14ft long, 8ft wide, and 8ft tall. We pull her via SUV and we must be able to pull her into her final resting spot with two 110V power outlets no more than 30ft away and a flat, level area.

Can Darla fit indoors?
Possibly but there are a lot of factors to consider. It must be approved by the venue in writing, and must  be able to be pulled into place by an SUV and the SUV must be able to unhitch and be driven out of said venue.

Darla FAQs

— Troy R.

“Steph has brought a unique experience to the photobooth... everyone would be talking about it. And definitely laughing and smiling at the memories it captures for years to come.”

— Jenny D.

“We had an amazing time!!! It was quick, easy, and super organized! We highly recommend it.”

— Darcy S.

“Absolutely stunning setup and Stephanie was so so friendly. I was blown away by the props she had available. I can’t say enough about this photo booth!”

— Marie Y., -Marketplace Events & the Calgary Home Shows

“We were thrilled with how prepared their team was for such a large event and also their commitment to the community by donating 100% of the proceeds.”

Travel up to 100km

Private online gallery

DSLR Camera

Studio quality lighting

Choice of backdrop

Custom photo strip design

Unique premium props

Unlimited Prints


No matter which booth you choose, these things are ALWAYS included:

What’s Included

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Our diverse collection of photo booth backdrops will elevate your event with high-quality materials, vibrant colors, and unique designs. From solid colors to patterned prints, we’ve got you covered! Don’t see something that catches your eye, don't worry, we do custom backdrops!

The Backdrops

We don't just capture memories, we make sure they match your event aesthetic too! Our customizable photo and print templates will give your event a cohesive look that will leave your guests saying, "Oh damn, that looks amazing!" And with options for both traditional photo strips and collage-style prints, there's something for everyone to take home and cherish. So send us your logos, color palettes, and fonts, and let us work our magic!

Prints & Templates

white glove treatment from start to finish.

Other Services

  • We select the location and curate the set
  • You book a time slot
  • Bring a camera or your own photographer
  • Capture your own special moments!

Got your own camera or photographer, but missing the perfect set or backdrop to show off your new engagement ring, family puppy, or take holiday photos? Our BYOC event caters to photographers or anyone who wants to provide their own camera to take photos outside of our 1960s camper, Darla! And with our special holiday decor, your photos will stand out like Rudolph's red nose. 

Annual Holiday BYOCs

how it works

BYOC (Bring your own camera)

you bring the camera, we bring the fun!

  • Choose your location
  • We'll drop her off
  • You get full outside access to Darla 
  • Dress her up to fit your clients’ vision
  • Snap away!

Calling all photographers and wedding planners! Searching for a fun, retro backdrop to be the highlight of your next photo session, wedding, or holiday event? Look no further than Darla as your backdrop! Make the most of our renovated and oh-so-darling 1960’s Cree Camper as your next prop, background, or focal point for your client’s photo sesh. 

Rent Darla as a Photo Backdrop

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